U.S. chaplains conduct counseling training for Malawi Defense Force

VICENZA, Italy – Hardships that come with returning from a deployment can greatly affect Soldiers and their family members. This concept not only applies to American Soldiers, but Soldiers from other countries as well.

In an effort to help soldiers of the Malawi Defense Force (MDF) deal with redeployment challenges, two U.S. Chaplains traveled to Lilongwe, Malawi to teach solution-focused therapy concepts to 28 MDF chaplains and chaplain assistants March 4-8.

Chap. (Lt. Col.) Scott A. Hammond, U.S. Army Africa deputy chaplain, said MDF soldiers are facing some of the same challenges as American Soldiers just coming back from Iraq or Afghanistan.

“The timing is right because they [MDF] are experiencing the same things we do when coming back from a deployment, such as finances, marriage/family counseling, drugs and alcohol — similar things that our

Soldiers go through,” said Hammond, a Millersburg, Ohio native. “Because they don’t have a lot of the agencies we have, they wanted a tool to use like military family life consultants and behavior health,” he said.

Chap. (Col.) Augustine Matchumbuza, MDF chief of chaplains, said he is very grateful for the U.S. chaplains conducting solution-focused therapy counseling because the MDF is preparing to send their soldiers on deployments to the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Ivory Coast to support peace keeping missions.


For the rest of this story visit http://www.usaraf.army.mil/NEWS/NEWS_130329_chp_mal.htmlImage

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