U.S. Army Africa team facilitates intelligence course in Democratic Republic of Congo

ourneyed to The Democratic Republic of the Congo to run a three-week Basic Intelligence Course for 29 members of the Forces Armées de la République Démocratique du Congo known as FARDC.

USARAF’s Lt. Col. Chris Dillard and Master Sgt. Frederick Blackburn conducted the course with assistance of two French interpreters at FARDC’s advanced military school group known as Groupement des Ecoles Supérieures Militaires or GESM near Kinshasa. Dillard and Blackburn are part of the security cooperation section of USARAF’s G-2, Intelligence Directorate.

“As part of security cooperation and assistance, we worked with a group of FARDC military personnel to show them the basics of information collection and analysis and how it can be used by their commanders to support decision they make,” Dillard said.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is located in Equatorial Africa and has a land mass roughly equal to one-quarter of the U.S. It is a former French colony with the official language being French.

French-fluent instructors from the Regional Joint Intelligence Training Facility, Molesworth, United Kingdom, ensured a smooth flow of course work. Papa Sall, lead instructor, and Garry Blood worked along with Dillard and Blackburn to provided blocks of instruction on writing for intelligence reports, intelligence preparation of the environment, information collection management, as well as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance known as ISR.


For the rest of this story visit http://www.usaraf.army.mil/NEWS/NEWS_130325_intel.htmlImage


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