Logistics assessment, Bujumbura, Burundi, December 2010

Two United Stated Army Africa personnel from the Directorate of Logistics conducted a deployment capability assessment with uniformed and civilian members of the Burundian Defense Forces in Bujumbura, the capital, Dec. 14-17.

Sgt. 1st Class Luis Febles and Gordon Christensen of the USARAF Logistics Directorate, stationed at Caserma Ederle, conducted the survey, which took place at the Bujumbura Military Airfield.

Christensen and Febles were in Bujumbura to assess the Burundian capability to deploy personnel and equipment via aircraft to various operations on the African continent, and then to use those findings to custom design a lesson plan for an Africa Deployment Assistance Partnership Team (ADAPT) scheduled for June 2011.

“This is our first interaction with the Burundian military in a deployment operations sense,” Christensen said. “This survey will help us to tailor the lesson plan for the June 2011 ADAPT, and tailoring the plan will help us to meet the Burundian’s training requirements.”

“Having trained and certified deployers is a crucial component to deploying a force,” Febles said.

“We want the ability to run this operation with our own soldiers,” said Maj. Gen. Nkusi Charles, Commandant de l’Aviation, Republique Du Burundi.

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