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U.S. Army Africa discussions on peacekeeping with Burundian military

BUJUMBURA, Burundi – When U.S. Army Col. Steve Smith recently joined discussions with Burundian generals about how Burundi conducts peacekeeping efforts in Somalia, he was leading the way for U.S. Army Africa partnerships on the continent.

In mid-January, Smith led a team to work with Burundian officers on ways to enhance Burundi’s leadership capacity as their military prepares to deploy its next rotation of peacekeepers to Mogadishu. Smith, of the U.S. Army’s Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute and Lt. Col. Ronald Miller, an Africa expert from U.S. Army Africa headquarters, held discussions with senior Burundian military officers at the Ministry of Defense in Bujumbura.

“We discussed the U.S. military’s way of planning for operations at the brigade level, using what we call MDMP, the military decision making process,” Smith said. “We also talked about how U.S. Army officers run a brigade-level command post.”



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U.S. Army Africa ceremony welcomes deputy commanders

U.S. Army Africa welcomed two new deputy commanding generals to its team during a Jan. 21 ceremony in front of the headquarters building at Caserma Ederle.

Brig. Gen. David S. Elmo, U.S. Army Reserve, and Brig. Gen. Isaac G. Osborne Jr., U.S. Army National Guard, will serve as deputy commanders for U.S. Army Africa. Both generals will report to U.S. Army Africa for an average of 40-70 active duty days a year, serving mostly on missions in Africa or the United States.

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Forward in Africa: USAFRICOM and the U.S. Army in Africa

Forward in Africa: USAFRICOM and the U.S. Army in Africa

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